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One Small Love – drawing the line

February 11, 2010

If you live in Bangalore, you probably know of One Small Love already.

Last year Thermal And A Quarter, the band I work with, responded to the turmoil, hate and suspicion in the world with the music video One Small Love, a brainchild of the Bangalore creative shop Happy. Its message, “One small breath, one small word, one small love can be everything in a tired world,” made it popular on YouTube, where it continues to be much-favorited. It is also a much-requested crowd favorite at concerts.

This year, One Small Love has gone public, reverberating with the collective voice of many concerned Bangaloreans — among them artists, musicians, theatre persons, actors, filmmakers, management thinkers, etc.

The ‘One Small Love – Bangalore for Mangalore’ concert on February 14, a red-letter day made infamous by Hallmark cards and various killjoy extremist groups, will bring together musicians Konarak Reddy, Ravi Kulur, Alwyn Fernandes, Gerard Machado, Karan Joseph, Gaurav Vaz and Swarathma along with Thermal And A Quarter.

The One Small Love page on Facebook has been receiving plenty of currency, adding over 550 fans from all over the world in its first 48 hours. Among the highlights of the page are videos of Bangaloreans lending voice to the cause.

Here are a few. Watch this space for updates.

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