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Is Varun Gandhi the BJP’s biotech boy?

March 21, 2009
The BJP's biotech boy?

The BJP's biotech boy?

Despite the entire drama that has played out around Varun Gandhi, the BJP is sure to try and cash in on their new biotech boy’s shenanigans.

For Gandhi family baiters like Shri Narendra Modi, young Mr. Gandhi is a boon like no other. To have an ostracised member of the great lineage of the Nehrus and the Gandhis in the Lotus camp must be in some sense satisfying.

But looking at young Varun shooting his mouth off like that, one only wishes that his late father had, true to his sloganeering during the Emergency, turned the scalpel upon his own loins.

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  1. shane pr permalink
    March 23, 2009 2:49 am

    No few more were needed like VARUN ….. scalpel should have included you as the case is….. He is our future PM…… Love is never one sided. Only hindus should listen and bear atrocities ….Muslims and christians have immunity as they are minorities. Hindus are good when they scold and abuse other hindus or come down heavily on their GODS.. Not so if minorities read as christians, claim Amma( amritanandamayi) is satan incarnate……

  2. Ravi permalink
    May 12, 2009 4:30 pm

    So where did this blog disappear to? No entries since..i dunno, a long time i guess.

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