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On MG Road, coffee is homeless

February 22, 2009
It's curtains for India Coffee House on MG Road

It's curtains for India Coffee House on MG Road

Cutting chai was a no-no, by-two coffee was allowed at the manager’s discretion. Before the Cafe Coffee Days and Baristas made coffee drinking hip, before the one-minute darshini coffees-on-the-go had slunk in and of vogue, before omelettes showing a fondness for the waiter’s cuffs became a reason to walk out in a huff, there was India Coffee House. And here – sans mocha, latte, frappe or espresso – we enjoyed our filter coffee like Bangaloreans do.  Artists or musicians, writers or wankers, lovers or losers, here at 78, MG Road, we met, made up, made out, loved, lost, ogled, won, read, ate, died, passed out, sobered up…

Now, it’s curtains for India Coffee House. Like all things, this too must pass. Into the history we are prone to forget. Into the homogeneity we are loath to welcome.

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  1. February 24, 2009 10:00 am

    Oh My God! I am going to miss the omlettes that swim in oil, and cutlets that taste like paruppu vadais. Sigh! The ideal dating location for those who wanted to meet the birds at MG Road and spend quality time but could not afford it….. 😦

  2. Balaji Perumal permalink
    February 25, 2009 12:00 pm

    India Coffe House … De’mall’ished ..sad


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