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Democracy a dead horse in Karnataka?

February 10, 2009
Home Minister V S Acharya imagines signs of life in a dead democracy

Home Minister V S Acharya imagines signs of life in a dead democracy

Now Karnataka Home Minister Dr. V S Acharya needs an elaborate surgical procedure to extricate his foot from his mouth. The frequency and speed at which he has made and retracted statements probably has this qualified doctor’s foot feeling as if it belongs there, firmly wedged in his mouth. And as for his smartass prescriptions (when goons harassed Manjeshwar MLA C H Kunhambu’s daughter Shruthi for speaking to a Muslim boy and abducted her from the bus she was travelling in, he allegedly said the state is not responsible for looking after everyone’s children), one imagines how he can be so tongue-in-cheek when his foot is in its habitual place. That’s a peculiar kind of ped-antism, doctor!
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  1. George Mathias permalink
    February 10, 2009 11:05 am

    Kunjambu, who is trying to protest his family honour lied about that statement from Home Minister who never made such remarks. Do you think a person who is in public life for decades is foolish enough to make such statements?

    For full story visit

    On how the so-called attackers are close to MLA and had even hosted Kunjambu and his wife at their house etc. All said and done at the end of the day it appears even our communist brethren does not want their daughter hobnobbing with boys of other religion.

    Please get your facts straight before looking like an idiot!

  2. bijoyvenugopal permalink*
    February 10, 2009 1:36 pm

    Dear Mr. George Mathias,
    Interesting that you should use both phrases in the same line – ‘get your facts straight’ and ‘looking like an idiot’.

    The link you shared with me is Dr. Acharya’s blog. I’m amazed that you count this as a reliable resource. Isn’t it just another vent for the state government’s propaganda, and for some of Dr. Acharya’s own babble? Funny, isn’t it, how he has denied every charge against him and made a laughing stock of himself? As for ‘getting the facts right’, there are so many versions, so many red-faced admissions, and so many instances of dung-flinging that it’s hard for anyone to guess at the correct version. Red or saffron, no party has clean credentials and therefore, none of them have the right to cast the first stone. In such a situation, the truth shall present itself like a guilty thug at an identification parade.
    Now, as for ‘looking like an idiot’, the honourable Home Minister seems to have perfected the art. Even today, he is in the thick of media reports about his plan to appoint a media ombudsman. A plan that even the Chief Minister has opposed.
    Thank you for your comment, sir. And please hold the vitriol – you may want to find a productive way to vent it. Good day!

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