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Shri Advaniji, restrain your saffron monkeys

January 29, 2009

Watch the video and be alarmed.

A day after Pramod Muthalik, the boss of Rama Sene, was arrested (not for the Mangalore incident) and released on bail, his tongue has wagged again. He has accused the Bharatiya Janata Party top brass of losing touch with its Hindu roots. The Mangalore incident has proved that the BJP’s parivar – its assorted armies of monkeys, bears and squirrels – are in a state of rebellion.

Shri Lal Krishna Advani, the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate, is reportedly reaching out to the gullible via the Internet. So we see he’s on Rediff chat, whickering about how the nation should elect an octogenarian for the top job. Of course, elsewhere in the world, younger people are voting, younger people are getting into the political race, and younger people are being elected to the big chair. But here he is, a toothless lion waging his last war. Let’s leave him to it.

But then again, Advani may bark but it’s his army of monkeys and other vermin, who run riot under various banners, that’s doing the biting. And their dirty little teeth really need plucking.

Jai Shri Advaniji! If this is the Ram Rajya you wish to usher in, let’s raise a toast to the mental health of your army. (The women, I’m sure, will prefer to toast your octogenarian backside instead.)


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