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Black Lips and the Chennai shitfest

January 27, 2009

There are bands that are about music, and there are bands that are about bullshit. And there are bands that believe bullshit is music.

The Black Lips are one such.

As a general rule the world over, bullshit bands abound. And they, inevitably, are the biggest crowd-pleasers. For them, music isn’t the killer app. Why bother tuning when you have copious talent for exhibitionism, indecency, and assorted and wildly imaginative antisocial behaviour?

I am told that the Lips, which plays regular 4×4 tone-deaf three chord ‘garblage’ popularised by many of their kind in the now depraved and musically challenged Occident, took great umbrage at being unable to get their act together when they performed at the Sir Mutha Venkata Subbarao Concert Hall (Chennai’s beteljuice-stained repartee to the Carnegie Hall).

On the evening of January 23, the Lips’ guitarist Cole Alexander reportedly peeled his clothes off in the middle of a set and jumped into the crowd. As if this wasn’t enough to shock the angavastrams and adivastrams off the Old-Monk-and-thayirsadam-belching audience, he also proceeded to ‘make out’ with his bandmates, as the ezine Indiecision put it. Tour organiser DNA Entertainment made short work of arranging the band’s exit from the tour and the country. From the comments on the website, it appears that a lot of the Lips’ fans in India are sore for being prevented from seeing naked white male skin, live and unwashed and uncut.

Now, we’ve grown up as fans of bizarre stage behaviour all right. We never complained when Ozzie bit a bat that bit him back, or when Maiden’s Eddie doused us in dark stage blood, or – if anyone can still remember – how a certain James Douglas Morrison (debatably) waved his antisocial schlong in the face of public prudishness. And how can we forget The Clash, The Ramones and, very memorably, AC/DC and The Sex Pistols and all their dirty deeds, done dirt cheap?

But those bands were about music, too. That’s the whole frikking difference. And it’s an important one.

Wishful thinking, but the pussyboys should have been arrested and treated to a week of funky tropical hospitality at Chennai Central Prison, complete with ‘tuberculosis, violence and live maggots’.

How could they forgo all that inspiration?

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  1. whiterabbit permalink
    January 28, 2009 11:27 pm

    Stunning news about india! cant wait to see them live now knowing we are probably going to be expecting a full blown riot! islington here i come!

  2. February 4, 2010 3:32 pm

    Haha! I was there at this show- CRI. Crazy stuff.

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